Generate NFT Art for your collection.

Experience AI generated design simplicity and beauty at its best.

Live Projects

Pixlr Genesis

Pixlr Genesis is the world’s art-based metaverse.

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Circles in Motion

Moving circles with unique spherical interactions.

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Upcoming Projects

Paths in Motion

Paths in Motion represents the mapping out of your life. Long paths. Shortcuts. New routes. Half turns. Multiple paths, constantly in motion. While every path is special, they all lead towards finding oneself. Generate your Paths in Motion at your chosen hour for an NFT that’s uniquely YOU.

3D Brick City

Own a piece of the metaverse! Generate your 3D Brick City in the sky. A one-of-a-kind floating platform with a neat cluster of 3D blocks or pyramids in multiple colors, available in limited quantities.

3D Urban Cityscape

Claim your plot of land in the metaverse and transform it into the city of your dreams. Generate your own 3D city in various shapes and arrangements and become the sole architect of your unique NFT cityscape.

Spirit Worm

It is alive, constantly flowing with the tide of time. Spirit Worm is generated with your input name as hash, and each spirit worm is a unique NFT.

Gen Pass Genesis

Each NFT comes with exclusive lifetime privilege for more great NFTs and special access only available to the Genesis NFT. Imagine getting the pass in the early days of ArtBlock. Imagine having special access to future NFT that is super difficult to get when launched.

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Experience AI-generated design simplicity and beauty at its best.

Genart.Ai is a project by Over the last 3 years, we have been working along with some of the best creative communities and powering creative tools such as Pixlr; the world's number 1 online image editing tool. We simplify the process to create your style, your NFT.

Supporting the future of ArtificiaI Intelligence and machine-generated artwork.

Our team is continuously working on other AI projects with billions of data points and hundreds of millions of imagery to create and predict the design for the future. We are also partnering with several top editing tools to incorporate GenArt into SAAS.

Supporting a good cause - Education and Research

We have been working closely with universities and AI Research Centre to create the art of the future. 25% of the royalties received from the NFTs will be donated to the universities. GenArt takes 10% of royalties from the secondary sales. We hope to support more generative art developers and designers.

Collaborating with Metaverse platform for GenArt NFT holders.

The future of social media platforms will be on the metaverse. Meta, Microsoft and other key tech companies are building the next generation platforms to socialize and engage. GenArt will explore and build our gallery into their metaverse to enable our NFT owners to showcase and trade their collections.

Assisting traditional artists to generate artwork via proprietary style transfer.

GenArt worked with several hundred thousand artists via our partnership with some stock photo libraries. We have the technology to study their style and then generate art based on their artwork. Contact us to work together.

Generative Art DAO

The next step would be setting up a DAO focusing on acquiring Generative Art NFTs. The owners of GenArt NFT will be given tokens with governance rights over key decisions made by the GenArt DAO.

GenArt.Ai - Multi Chain, Cross Network NFT Platform

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A Project by; the AI Specialist in Image Recreation